Intimacy and Exposure

It’s never come natural to publicly share my intimacies, so you can imagine the impact that social media has had on me.

As a child I grew up taking analog photographs, having to wait so long before I saw any images that I forgot I had taken them in the first place. By the time my dad would pop up with the printed photographs it was a magical surprise. That’s one of the reasons I continue to photograph this way… 

I love keeping my most precious moments to myself and those involved sensorially. These memories are best stored in my body and spirit and I usually refuse to publish them. I don’t reallt have anything to prove to anyone.

I now often times find myself in a parallel, artificial reality that runs at an unthinkable pace. Everything is becoming instant and intangible, fading away in seconds and leaving little to no room for reflection.

A lot praise the internet and social media for connecting people, since introverts and antisocials can now have a sort of social life, among other reasons. I can agree with that to some extent, but it also means that these humans are now spending more time interacting with their devices rather than the actual people, leaving less time of interaction with elements of high vibrational frequencies.

One thing I must mention briefly that has genuinely made me cringe is how people publish selfie videos crying their eyes out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that since anyone has the right to do and share whatever they want. But to me it’s a very interesting social phenomenon. I wonder, before social media, did these people go out and cry in public? Is it because the exposure is virtual towards a device instead of a crowd that these people are able to do that? Is social media changing people’s personalities and behaviour? I can go on with the questions but those are the main ones. Here’s another question: how natural is it for someone to take their phone out and record themselves during the tantrum?

There’s been the argument about how people only show the positive side of life in social media, keeping to themselves the hardships of life. That’s usually the main culprit in this crying selfie phenomenon but… Isn’t that the way things have always been anyway? Most humans have always behaved that way prior to social media so it’s really nothing new. We usually share what’s going well with the public, and generally we share what’s going wrong or other intimate matters with people we trust.

Having said that, we can chose to follow media on social platforms, newspapers, magazines or TVs and get absorbed by it, letting it affect our lives and wellbeing, or we can watch it (or not watch it), stay true to yourself and centered, not letting it affect you.

Because social media exists, there is now this pressure for everyone to publish their intimacies… and public today has no boundaries whatsoever because the Internet is at everyone’s reach. I personally will not share something online that I wouldn’t share in physical public, and if I can suggest to my fellow introverted readers, don’t feel forced to share anything you don’t want: you have the right to keep your life and your intimacies to yourself. Cherish your own personal universe.

Social Media has clearly revolutionised marketing, which is where the big dilemma came in for me. I’m pretty clear about what “sells”, which usually goes against my instinct and personality. So I’ve been caught up in a situation of having to promote my health coaching business through social media while trying to stay true to my spontaneous but reserved Self.

I like writing on my blog because I can deliver in a more neutral fashion, hoping to timelessly inspire my readers with the information that will stay on this page. I think if you truly care about what I have to say, you will read my blog on a regular basis or contact me directly which is the approach I appreciate the most: one on one.

In regards to images, I will soon continue to publish my analog photographs at (@blissfulfilm on instagram), where I share my aesthetic point of view, without the need to advocate or advertise anything. It’s just me, what drives and inspires, without thinking one second about my viewer. Whoever likes it, I’m glad we click and hope I can continue to deliver more eye candy for you throughout my lifetime. I also appreciate the love and feedback as it pushes me to continue creating-so thanks to those who do that.

I’m hoping my words create some sort of awareness, provoke an idea shift or help you grow in whatever way works for you.

As I find my place in this world and feel more grounded and focused, I will continue to share my ideas as they are ready to come out. I’m just a human being, connecting back to where I come from, keeping it real one day at a time.



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