My 3 turned 5 day Juice Cleanse

I’d been wanting to do a juice cleanse for a very long time but hadn’t had the chance since my home for the past four years didn’t have any organic cold-pressed juiceries. In California there are so many great options and many still yet for me to try. Since I wanted to spend some time surfing and visiting friends in Encinitas, I bought a three day juice cleanse from Fully Loaded Micro Juicery. Below is a little insight to my journey. The intention of this post is to provide insight on the effects of a juice cleanse and the detoxification process, so if you get easily grossed out this post isn’t for you.


Upon waking up I did my usual ritual of oral hygiene and water drinking along with my vitex supplement that I am taking daily for several months. Vitex is the only supplement I continued to take throughout the cleanse, on an empty stomach and at least half an hour before my first juice. I had the first juice of the cleanse quite late, around 10:30am. A second one came soon after, went for a light surf, then had a third juice right before midday. I was feeling great. Early afternoon when I started working on my computer came the first detox symptoms: extremely poor focus and memory affecting my brain so much that I continuously throughout the afternoon couldn’t remember what I actually wanted or needed to do. I also spontaneously remembered I needed to eat because I hadn’t consumed anything solid, having to remind myself that I was on a juice cleanse. That evening was all about reminding myself of this - I wasn’t going to chew on anything for the next 3 days. Although I was mentally prepared, it was quite a shock for my physical body - something I was not really expecting.

Following the juicery’s 3-day protocol, each day consisted of 5 vegetable and fruit juices and 1 almond milk per day. The first days juices include more fruit and gradually gravitate towards more greens. When I picked up the juices the first day, I decided I wouldn’t have the milks because I haven’t been tolerating nuts very well lately so thought it would be a good idea to flush my system completely from that as well. I got a 6th juice instead, a very nutritionally dense green one. But, by the time I was drinking my 5th juice and the day was coming to an end, I understood I was going to need the milk for additional calories and fat, so I went back and got my milk. I felt like all the juices sat very well in my stomach and had a little bit of turbulence with the milk. I was pretty thirsty at night and realised I hadn’t drank a lot of water throughout the day, so I did after my nut milk before going to sleep. Unfortunately I woke up in the middle of the night to pee… I usually drink most of my water in the morning and daytime to avoid this. I was in bed by 8:00pm.

That night I dreamt that someone invited me to eat something they made, so I “had” to try it. While I was eating it I realised I was breaking the fast! Luckily it was just a dream. You can see how much I felt like I needed to succeed in this mission.


I woke up quite hungry and after hydrating with abundant water had two juices pretty much in a row. I made sure I kept hydrating in between my juices which actually significantly aids the detoxification process. Not to mention staying hydrated is always important (unless you’re on a dray fast). That afternoon I decided to take it easy and do some light yoga and reading on the beach. I was pretty tired that afternoon, considered napping but thankfully I didn’t. I could tell me eyes were becoming clearer (whiter) and I felt more clearance (less inflammation) in my sinuses. I was able to focus a little bit more and work that day which was useful. My evening nut milk had cacao in it and felt a little tough on my digestive system (since cacao would have also been a great food to detox to abstain from for a few days) but it also gave me a lot of energy which I used to keep working… Since I’ve been on the road for the past four months, I have a lot of work to catch up with. Trying to take advantage of some physical stillness so I can get things done.


I had an uninterrupted good night’s sleep that night. In the morning I noticed how my digestion has been dramatically improved since I started the cleanse. I am usually a regular at the bathroom (very regular as in same time or times every day), but the quality of my stools are way healthier in a matter of 2 days juice cleansing. Healthy stools are usually dark and firm. Anything kind of mushy and soft is a sign of imbalance and in my case has been reflecting poor nutrient absorption. From my improved stools I could tell I was totally absorbing nutrients which were helping me rid toxins. This made me think I should keep cleansing for another day or two, especially since I feel the adaptation period is over and am not experiencing as uncomfortable detox symptoms as in the first two days, bringing back some energy and focus. I still had a little bit of acne going on which is usual for me (my cycle has been irregular for the past few years and it’s something the Vitex Berry is helping me with) so I wasn’t able to tell if it was due to the cleanse or not. I did experienced slight intermittent headaches (on day two as well) but nothing I couldn’t handle. I have a cold body, the weather was cool today and the juices make my body even colder so I drank my water warm which helped a lot. The Ginger Snap juice (apples, lemon and a lot of ginger) was really nice and warming as well, thankful for that one.


This morning I was meant to start incorporating solid food since my juice cleanse was over, but I felt like today was when I really broke through and was on the other side of the detox hill, which made me want to continue and extend my cleanse for a total of 5 days. I woke up with a glowing, clear face which felt really great. I also released a very toxic substance from my intestines: I had water and my supplement that morning, pooped as usual and then had two juices. Right after the second juice I felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, the kind you get when you’re having diarrhoea. I let go of this uniform, oily, orangey thick liquid that completely burned my butt during and after coming out. I’m not sure what kind of demon that one was but I was so happy it wasn’t living in my body any longer.

I feel gradually more energetic throughout the day, though also dizzy at times and more tired in the evenings. I naturally feel more hungry as time passes by, especially towards the end of the day, and have clearly lost some weight-probably around 3 or 4 pounds. Tonight I had significantly more intestinal activity after my last drink-the almond milk-but less gas than the days before. This has been very challenging since I am surrounded my so many healthy, clean and delicious restaurants that I’ve been dying to try, but just one more day to go and I will feel very great about this gift I gave myself. I have a bunch of avocados, seeds, solid fruit and veggies waiting for me to break the fast… It will be a very pleasurable comeback. I definitely plan on eating clean right after the cleanse, gradually incorporate minimally processed foods to gear up for the family holidays which are pretty intense on the gastronomic end of the spectrum. I know my body is in shock, but I’m trying to make it understand that this is for the best.


Last night I had freaky dreams that I intentionally tried to wake up from several times but it was pretty hard. Sometimes I did succeed in waking up and I’d go right back to sleep, other times I didn’t manage to completely wake up but slightly shift the dream to something less worse. I think I was experiencing some sort of spiritual detox… it was quite interesting. At some point I woke up at 4:00am to go pee and it took me quite a while to go back to sleep. I felt a physical sensation of hollowness in my stomach, a sensation I would probably describe as hunger but at this point I’m not really sure what hunger feels like since it’s probably a constant… my perception of that concept has completely changed during this cleanse. I woke up at 8:00am very tired, but once I got up and had my water I was feeling better. I felt a little bit uneasy but was okay because my skin was GLOWING. Today is my last day and I’m going to make it count. The greenest day of all and I got an extra juice so I could have a double super green one in the morning. By the end of the day I’m feeling very hungry and really can’t wait to eat solid food tomorrow.


Today I woke up feeling very happy that I was going to eat. I drank lots of water and prepared my breakfast in an extremely mindful and grateful manner. I never thought chopped avocado, sun dried tomato, hemp seeds, pink salt and apple cider vinegar would make me salivate so much. I popped this on a GF seed crispbread and enjoying my breakfast. I was clearly still hungry after having a whole avocado and 3 crispbreads so I waited a little while and had a fruit plate with banana, kiwi and pomegranate. So good. After about two hours I made a big pot of brown rice pasta with zucchini, baby tomatoes, avocado, a bunch of basil, cayenne pepper and vegan parmesan cheese. It felt so good… I ended my day with a delicious young thai coconut, an oxtail bone broth and grilled garlic string beans and a lovely ginger tea afterwards. A few hours later I had a vegan luxurious chocolate milk for dessert. These latter days am also having abundant clean discharge, another detox symptom.

Today is DAY 7 and I am still catching up on the calories, needing from two thirds to half the quantity more than I usually eat in order to feel satisfied. Today I had a delicious coconut meat, chia seed, banana, cinnamon and cardamom smoothie. I then had my avocado crispbread toast exactly like the day before as well as little bit of macadamia dark chocolate for a breakfast dessert. After a pretty demanding surf session my lunch consisted of a matcha mint cacao nib smoothie that was very filling and goji berry/cashew “meat” tacos. I have enough energy now that I can enjoy wiping out. This afternoon I feel like the appetite is getting back to normal.

During my juice cleanse aside from surfing about 3 waves on days 1 and 3 I kept physical movement at a minimum since I definitely didn’t want to burn myself out. Very gentle yoga on the days that I didn’t surf, a lot of lying down on the beach and sedentary work. I went to bed between 7:00 and 9:00 every night in order to naturally cope with hunger and fatigue (and be in sync with the universe :) and woke up between 6:30 and 8:00 every morning. If you’re a first timer doing a cleanse for over 3 days and have a cold body like me, I definitely recommend doing it in the summer, if you have the option. It seems like most people do break through with a 3-day juice cleanse though, since it’s the most popular at Fully Loaded. So unless you have a specific or significant condition you wish to heal your body from, I’d definitely do just 3 days on a first occasion.

Another juicery I adore in California and would love to do a cleanse at is Juice Ranch in Santa Barbara. If you happen to find yourself over there do yourself a favor and get some nourishing and delicious juice. They also have clean eats and a cute little space for you to purchase some great products.

Kreation juice in Los Angeles has many locations and some very good juices as well.

I still have a few top notch jucieries in my bucket list so stay tuned for more posts about that next year.

Green blessings,


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